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My car is due at the end of the month and I've been following it and getting email updates from Toyota. It's arrived at Portbury and been transported to Derbyshire.

Question is why has the car been routed via Derbyshire (Burnaston??). The tracker says it's undergoing a PDI previous cars I've bought this has been carried out at my dealers.  Is anyone able to unlock the reasons for me it just seems a strange route and extra time and miles for a PDI? Any help appreciated.

Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 13.30.40.png

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Where are the RAV4’s made, Japan?  Certainly not in uk. Maybe it’s to ensure it is built to and passes UK regulations.

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36 minutes ago, PAISLEY1903 said:


I am not sure of the answer, My car is still at build in progress.  How long did your car take ...  

I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and have been told it will be mid August. Rav4 Design.

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I placed the order on 22nd Feb and had the test drive on 15th April.  The car was made in Japan, Toyota City, shipped by sea too Portbury, Bristol and is now in Derbyshire.  The actual map pin location says Cromford (just along from Matlock Bath an area we know well from our frequent visits). To the best of my knowledge there is no Toyota facility in that location and the nearest I can think of is Burneston near Derby?

I've been tracking using the Toyota MyT app, which once the car is with me I'll be able to control certain functions, pre start warm up cool down conditioning, charge times etc. Using the on-line MyToyota page now tells me :

"You’re nearly there. But before you can collect your car, we make a further series of checks – from engine starts to tyre pressure - to ensure your vehicle is in the best possible condition when you drive it away
Once this detailed pre-delivery inspection is done, the car is transported to your retailer.

The Next step: Your vehicle is ready for pick up."
  (In fact this step is transport the car to my dealer.)

My dealer says that they actually going to be doing the formal PDI?  Hence my confusion but on the face of it it seems that the Toyota cars appear to be going to this Derbyshire location to be checked to see if they have survived the trip and my guess have checks associated with the traction Battery (375 volts 18.1Kw) and importantly the standard type 12v Battery which is powered via a DC to DC convertor, the car has no alternator. As its new model to the UK (variant) maybe as @Catlover suggested it's a conformity check that may not happen in the future?

My model is the Rav4 PHEV Dynamic.



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All cars arriving in the UK will have some form of "POE ( Port of entry )" options added these used to be literally at the port however with multiple ports used to prepare and then store the cars before distribution to dealer this was costly and added logistical issues so several years ago Toyota started expanding their site at the Burnaston Manufacturing site and have gradually consolidated all their POE actions at Burnaston.

POE options are things such as UK specific stickers, book pack, carpet mats, locking wheel nuts, plus options such as Protection packs, Side steps, Chrome pack & Towbars

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@Devon Aygo, thank you for the detailed reply. I do have the protection + pack, rubber mats so assume now that will be fitted at Burneston as well as the essential PDI items with the dealer checks being more a final check and maybe wash.

Really looking forward now to picking the car up hopefully before the May Bank Holiday.

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