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Breather tank


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Hello, I bought a Celica and it's got a major petrol leak. I took it to a garage and the guy says that it's because of the breather tank. What is a breather tank? I've never heard of one.

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In Celica gen 7, there is a charcoal canister on top of the gas tank, which circulates gas vapor to the intake manifold, part of the EVAP system.  If that canister is old and the charcoal corrupted, not holding vapor, you would smell gas at the back of the car and the car would pull an EVAP CEL.

The new canister costs $500-600.  The same canister is used in many car models. Try to find the correct part number for that canister and buy an used one.  You may be able to get a few years use out of it. 



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