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Wing mirror cover replacement


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Hello Auris experts,

TLDR: will the Corolla part 87945-02910 work as a replacement for part 87945-02909 on my 2009 Auris?

I have unfortunately broken my wing mirror cover today. Taking a look online, the proper part 87945-02909 can be found primed, but the corresponding 2007-2013 Corolla part 87945-02910 aftermarket equivalent can be found in a nice glossy black which would match the colour of the car without having to paint.

Will the Corolla part fit on the Auris? I have read many times the cars bear a close similarity in design.

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All I will add is that if the Corolla cover, or indeed an Auris cover are "aftermarket" I would check for fitment. The securing clips might well be different.

Painting and clearcoating a primed cover is quite straightforward with an aerosol can and the correct  colour coded paint.



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Well I've glued the Auris part back together, and carefully compared the shape and latching pins' positions with the photo here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373521923116

The Auris part and the Corolla part seem to be identical.

For £13, I'm going to try it. Will follow up here when it arrives in a few weeks and I see if it fits.

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On 5/29/2021 at 6:15 PM, Douglasheld said:

For £13, I'm going to try it

Well, the predictions were correct. Although the body contour is a 100% match, the mounting pins - I now call them "incompatibility pins" can be manufactured in several positions, as can be seen by the punch-outs on the wing mirror assembly. I don't mean punch-out in the sense I can punch them out on the part... they appear to be reconfigurable punch-outs in the master mold used to make the wing mirror assembly.

It's hard to view, because the black unit shown in the photo already has the pins sheared off from the original accident.

I thought I would be cheeky and just clip off the pin that doesn't fit. Until, the next pin didn't go in either. And so forth... In all I removed all three circled pins on the photo, as well as the centre "incompatibility stand-off" widget... and then the unit begrudgingly snapped into place.

My summary:

  • for £13, this paint job is a very good match
  • I'm expecting this part to fall off again if it gets a soft bump
  • I have half a mind to put a drop of plastic glue on the underside, where the missing pins are.





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You have now found one of the problems with aftermarket parts Dougie! However, a Toyota part will be more than double the £13, only in primer too. The seller does state, in bold blue, it is not "genuine".

Hopefully it will remain in place. A couple of dabs of glue probably might help and not cause any issues if it has to be removed in future?

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