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E12 chinese android head unit cable quieston

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Hey everyone, seen a post earlier from Jiin and he posted about the SWC cable not being compatible, with the chinese android head unit, i bought one as well and in my Corolla i dont have any steering wheel control(2002). I plugged it all together worked all good,except for this swc cable mentioned i didnt plug in, just wanna make sure, can i just leave it unplugged as is and then will it be safe? 020908160206.jpg.477fa84777032af02859771

i got the cable exactly like this,  on the left bottom and left top connections dont match and just left it as is and it worked good, still not fitted in car yet just tried though.

Cheers 🍺

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With the SWC plug unconnected, does the head unit work ok, ie its not fading the volume up and down on its own or changing station etc at random ?

If its ok, then we would say it should be fine left unconnected, cannot see any way it would cause damage to the head unit .  (most such inputs need pulling to ground to activate)

Would avoid plugging anything into that connector unless you are 110% sure its needed and the plug and its wires are correct otherwise you could damage the head unit.

Cannot see what the use  of that extra plug and cable is for as its nowhere to plug into at the other end ?

For you own peace of mind, to really confirm things you need the correct infomation from the head unit maker, though the plugs do generally follow a standard, but these newer android units can be different.  Be a long shot if the makers bother to reply to your email

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