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How is the Yaris Cross priced compared to the normal version?


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In Denmark, prices has just been made public. 

It's expensive... The cheapest possible standard Yaris Hybrid is 187.000 DKK. Cheapest upgrade is 10.000 DKK. 

Cheapest possible Yaris Cross is 287.000 DKK. Is does have better specs than the standard Yaris, but for those who "just" want a Yaris or "just" want a Cross, price difference is crazy. 

So, in terms of percentage, cheapest Cross is 53% more expensive than the standard Yaris with same basic technologi and family DNA. 

The cheapest C-HR is 282.000 DKK, actually a cheaper alternative... 

What's the price in UK? 

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You can not compare some models as the Cross has 4x4 option you need to compare similar like for like specs

comparing like for like spec's the Yaris comes out at 230,000 (£26.6K) and the Cross at 287,000 (£33.2k)  a difference of 57000 (£6600) so the cross is 25% more expensive than the Yaris in Denmark


UK prices for the cross are 24% cheaper than DK, but that could be because you have high tax and fees on new cars (like for like comparison)


Your Adventure spec car is similar to the UK's Yaris cross Excel (£26.7K)


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My point is, that DK costumers that only want a comfy ride with a higher seating position, just wont pay the price. It's simply just to expensive. I think the Cross will be a rare car in danish traffic. 

Taxes may be different than UK markets, good for you, bad news for us. 

It could be interesting to know the raw factory price in UK and DK. I should'nt be surpriced, if there was a difference. 

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The Cross is aimed at a different market, even the base model in DK has a high specification if it doesn't sell they will drop the price or just discontinue the model like they did with the Yaris Verso in the UK

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As regards the factory price, each importer decides on which specs they sell and what is included within each spec, so factory prices will be different between countries. So comparing factory prices between the UK and Denmark is a red herring.

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