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Install a Toyota 6CD Changer?


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I recently bought a 2002 Toyota Yaris GLS which has the tape deck in the central console. Below this are the controls for the radio (as standard) and below them is an aftermarket radio - where when new it would have had an empty space.

I haven’t taken apart the dash to see what cables connect the aftermarket radio to the original, so I don’t exactly know what’s behind there (yet). My question really is, if I was to remove the aftermarket radio could I install a Toyota original 6CD changer in its place, and would it connect to the original radio (and function correctly)?

Many thanks,


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Why bother ? If you can find a changer its going to be 18-20 years old, reliabilty is going to be a big problem, does the aftermarket radio have usb, or does even play mp3 cd's

the changer should be the old 12 pin plug



6 disc change for the Yaris - TM0561

Under seat changer


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