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My Auris 2016 Touring sports Hybrid 1.8 Excel

Andrew B.

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Hi all,


So I found this Auris in Cargiant, it looks good, aside from a few scratches.  Reseated the end caps form the front seat rails when I got it home.  

I was amazed by the spec of the car, including DAB radio, panoramic sunroof, parking assist and the multiple ways you can stream music with the car stereo. The ride is so smooth and quiet, suspension is great and has the power behind it when I need to gain speed quickly.

I later found out that it has voice recognition which of course is awesome.  Aside from originally wanting my next car to have electronic seat adjustments, for a car with 31000 miles on the clock at 11k, it's a blinder!

After some articles sliding around in the boot I got myself an organiser which anchors itself to the cargo points.  Like my previous car, it has three 12V sockets.  Only thing missing is a courtesy torch.  With the worry of cat thefts, I was looking around the forum for suggestions and thought cat loc would be a good thing but when I looked at my window, there right in front of me was the cat loc sticker.  Huzzah!!

Since getting used to the navigation, I took the plunge and purchased 3 year's of mapcare and yesterday I updated the maps of western Europe and the software update.  After all the consideration, £119 for this seems reasonable.

Question, I can see no TPMS menu, does it have one as I thought all cars manufactured from this era must have them?


auris (2).jpg

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The car will have TPMS but doesn't have a menu. I suspect you are looking for a display of the pressures. The TPMS just puts on a warning light when pressure drops out of tolerance - it doesn't tell you which wheel, just warns you to go and check.

Hope this helps.

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