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Yaris Hybrid - 2020, Rattling noise when accelerating


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Long shot this, but i was pulling off my drive yesterday and heard a rattling noise under gentle acceration. It went away with harsh acceleration, and didn't do it on idle. Had to drive about 100 miles, so kept listening to it under acceleration and kept hearing it. Same today as well. Only does it when the engine is on and at low revs, but not on idle

Was thinking transmission possibly, but the car has only done 2,500 miles.

Any ideas?

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Hi, this symptoms happens usually in older hybrids as there are heat shields 🛡 along the exhaust system that get rusted and break so they become loose and start rattling on moderate acceleration, your car is new and if something like that had happened can be because these or similar parts hadn’t been fitted properly at the factory. My advice is to double check anything possible loose inside the cabin, boot and under bonnet and if nothing seen on first sight just book an appointment with the dealer for further inspection. 
Good luck 

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In the new Yaris Hybrid there’s a lot of rattles coming from the storage compartments due to hard plastic and no sound reducing fabrics to deaden the rattle. So as Tony advises I would remove all articles from the storage spaces coins, keys, everything, and if the rattles still persists, then a trip to the dealership is a must. Good luck and let us know what outcome you achieve.

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Annoying rattle when driving. Looks like it is behind the rear offside passenger seat - back support. If I flip the seat back into forward position I get the same noise when tapping the back of the rear seat. Something is just touching the seat frame. Cannot get access to correct it due to black cloth cover…… it drives me nuts!! Off to the suppler. Suspect they will have to cut the cloth the get access. 

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