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Rear camera allignment

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Just had a repair to the rear bumper of my 2019 touring sports following damage when an old dear dropped her keys not realising that gravity has a habit of making Vauxhall Corsas with no handbrake applied roll downhill whilst her search was underway. Anyway after over £1500 pounds later for her insurer at a Toyota approved body shop, I got the car back today. One thing I have noticed however is that when I put the car in reverse, I can now see a small amount of the top of the yellow rear number plate in the rear parking camera. I don’t know why the camera would have been moved as the rear hatch should not have been touched but in a similar light I have no idea why the rubber on the rear wiper blade is now hanging off when it was perfectly OK before it went in. Anyone any thoughts on whether the alignment of the camera should be a concern?

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sorry to hear what happened to your car. Best if you can include some pictures of the rear end repair , camera, hatch and bumper area so we can look at it more thoroughly and give some advice. If the car had sustained a metal work damage under the bumper and damage was not fixed correctly then there is a possibility that rear hatch may close more difficult, rear view camera position may be changed as a result and perhaps most likely the reason for misalignment. Or perhaps visit the garage who done the repair and ask for further inspection. 

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Thanks for the reply, apparently the damage was only to the bumper skin and was a repair job rather than replacement with no damage to the body. Everything was completely aligned and fitting perfectly after the bump but on getting it back, some of the number plate is now visible in the camera. I don’t know if anyone else can see this I their cameras?

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Mine has been like that from new, I have always been able to see a sliver of the top of the number plate from the rear view camera!

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