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Hi all,

Over the past 20 years I’ve owned 1 Auris (wife’s car) and 6 Avensis and covered approximately 500k miles, the vast majority without any major problems, in fact the only problem was with a 2008 Avensis TR 2.2 D-4-D.

When I retired a couple of years ago and the company car went back, I treated myself to a Jaguar XE, I’d been bitten by the Jaguar bug in my early 20’s when I (all too briefly) had a V12 E-Type.

The XE has been a a fun car and was an “itch” that I needed to scratch, but unfortunately my wife has a back problem that isn’t going to get any better and the Jag is far too low for her, so time for a change.

So after an absence of 2 years I’m going to be a Toyota owner once again, I’m awaiting delivery (hopefully another 3 weeks) of my Rav4 Hybrid Dynamic with Panoramic Roof in White Pearl / Black and I’m really looking forward to it.

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Catlover. The XE R-Sport is very low, when parked against the kerb it’s almost like getting up off the floor.

we borrowed a Rav4 for an afternoon and she was fine, certainly much easier for her, although I’ll be sorry to see the Jag go.

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