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Whirring noise on acceleration.


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I bought a 2007 Auris TR 2.0 D4D last week.There is a noise like a fan catching on acceleration but only when driving.When you take your foot off the accelerator it stops.When the car is idle it isn't there it all even you press the accelerator. 

I've taken it to the garage today and have conflicting opinions.One mechanic said it could either be the turbo or blower fan..his boss said the engine is on its way out and its either cam,timing chain or bottom bearing.Said get rid its not worth fixing.

The sound is like plastic catching .There's no warning lights on and the car drives nice.

When my husband took it for a test drive the seller kept talking constantly so he didn't hear it.

Think I've been well and truly conned!


Any ideas please?

I don't know what to do 😞



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Sorry to hear what has happened...

A turbo failing is usually pretty easy to spot because the noise doesn't quite follow the engine revs as the turbo spins up to speed and and it also take a little while to spin back down. So if you accelerate hard in 3rd gear gear to a good speed and then suddenly go into neutral the turbo will spin back down slowly and you would follow the noise of it doing that. A failing turbo is often said to sound like a siren rising and falling in pitch. 

Blower fan is easy to eliminate, just turn it all off.

You would need to look at what consumer rights apply depending on who/where you bought it. Private sales I believe have little or no comeback, buying from a garage or trader does.




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