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how to remove tensioner ( toyota avensis d4 2.0 vvti 20065)


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Hi there,

My family car is a 2005 Avensis d4 2.0VVTi with 1AZ-FE engine .  The drive belt tensioner stuck. I try to change one. The problem is that the pivot bolt for this assembly is too long! I have backed it out by about 20mm, to the point where the head of the bolt is now making contact with the bulkhead and cannot be unscrewed any further.  I  tryed using  a breaker bar for leverage to move the engine over a bit out but still can not  finish unscrewing the bolt.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and solved it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



The bolt in question is indicated by the upper arrow in this image from the docs:post-64084-0-97628300-1361718170.png?utmpost-64084-0-86969100-1361718224.jpg?utm


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Does it give any more space if You raise an engine's back side? Carefully jacking up at firewall's side of engine so the bolt is pointing little bit downwards? 

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Thanks. I stopped raising the  engine when heard a sound like something crack. The bole is well wobbly but still can not  finish unscrewing it. Did you successfully do it before?

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