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Touch 2 Go USB Genres


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I have a completely trivial but niggly question about playing MP3 files from my USB memory stick on the Touch 2 Go unit.

First of all, this works just fine for me.

I recently changed my USB stick  from 64Gb to 256Gb, and copied all my MP3 files onto the new stick. I push it into the USB socket and it is imediately recognised and the music plays - yay!

However, I have changed the 'genre' categories on the MP3 files, so (comparing with the old USB stick) there are some new genre categories, and older genres no longer exist in the mp3 files.

But somehow, the Touch 2 Go seems to remember the old genres (and recognises the new ones), even though they don't exist on the new USB.

I've tried resetting personal data on the unit, and I've scanned the USB stick in case the Touch 2 Go is writing/saving catalog information to the USB stick. So basically, I don't know where this genre information is being stored (obviously it was read for the USB sticks at some point).


How do I get rid of the unwanted/obsolete Genre categories?


Thank, John

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Is the genre set to MP3 file itself? If You are copying those MP3 from a computer to USB and using Windows, click right click at MP3 file -> Properties -> Details and check there what genre says. You should also be able to change that.

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Yes, the genre info is most definitely encoded in the MP3 files on the USB stick.

But some of the genres I had previously used for the MP3 files are not longer used (I can see this when I scan the MP3 files on one of the many PC MP3 manager programs).

However, when I plug the USB stick into the car and look at the genres available, the list includes old genres which are not on the current USB stick.

So the Touch 2 Go system is storing the older unused genres somewhere (I don't know where), and I can't find anyway to reset this list.

So that's where I'm scratching my head at the moment.

Thanks, John

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