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No interior lights coming on !!!

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Hi Folks,

We've just bought a year old 2.0 excel sports tourer,we phoned the dealership on Friday and they advised it might be one of the  buttons on the roof line,when we switch them on individually their working,but when we open the car door you're in pitch darkness,and the ambient lighting isn't on either.

I thought it might be a fuse ?,but the handbook,is useless to locate the fuse box.

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Not sure about Corolla but some other modern cars interior lights can be disabled via infotainment screen menu, this is good to check too. Owners manual first stop if in doubt. 👍

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 internal fuse box is under the dash in the far left of glove box area, and it has a plastic cover - it's similar to the Auris



If in doubt take it back


188 Mb Page 723 Note. A, B and C - illumination P732


Most of the options for illumination need to be turned on or off with a scan tool, not sure if the overpriced devices like Carly, ECT can do it


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