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Cannot register my Sat/Nav/multimedia system


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Hi everyone 🙂

I've just purchased a nearly new Prius Plug-in (2019 edition)

At the dealers, the navigation display only displayed "Loading navigation" with an endlessly spinning wheel. But I was reassured by the salesman that this was simple to resolve

I have brought the car home and I've managed to connect my phone over bluetooth and also to my WiFi when it's parked in front of the house. I've downloaded and installed the MyT app on my phone, however I cannot register my multimedia system. The instructions are to either 'Register online with Device ID'; apparently I can find my device ID by choosing 'Toyota Online' but that just goes to the "Loading Navigation" endlessly spinning screen.

Alternatively, I can 'Register on device directly' but that also involves logging on via the multimedia system and I can't get past that same "Loading navigation" screen.

I've attached screenshots of the software information and versions plus the dreaded screen...

Help me Toyota Owner's Club, you're my only hope!




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So, you say “But I was reassured by the salesman that this was simple to resolve”.  Easy to resolve, take it back to the salesman. Make him earn his money.

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Other then my suggestion it is a dealer problem (you paid a lot of money and something “simple to fix” should have worked), I don’t know this simple fix. At least contact the dealership (I assuming it was a Toyota dealership), tell them there is a fault on the car and you rejecting it. That will get them moving. If it’s simple, they should be able to talk you through it over the phone. 

Other then that hang on a bit longer, someone may come on today and be able to help you. 
But at least contact the dealership and express your annoyance.  How far away from you are they.?

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