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Urgent Help please DPF issue


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I have a Toyota Yaris 2014 D4D. My engine light came up few months ago and showed a code for soot accumulation. Got it flushed but came back again so got the DPF replaced cost me over 1K.  So 6 months on and the engine light has come on again with same code. I'm worried to take it to the garage and charge me more. Does anyone have any idea what else it could be (EGR valve or sensor)? Any help is appreciated.

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Well it needs diagnosing properly if its sooted up twice it isn't doing a regen cycle,

Are you doing short journeys ?

What sort of mileage are you doing ?

When is the last time you had it on a motorway for more than 30-40 mins ?

Have you had a forced regen done ?

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As above mileage and driving pattern are relevant. Unfortunately when faults like this occur, some garages will treat the symptoms (blocked DPF) rather than establishing the cause of the blockage. This is expensive and largely pointless from your perspective as it costs you a grand and you still have the same issue. First thing to do is to speak to the garage who did the work, explain that you have the same issue again and that you would like to know what steps they took to establish the cause of the problem. If they haven’t checked for air leaks, injectors, stripped and cleaned the EGR and checked the correct oil type has been used and run a manual regen, then they’re - at best - not competent to work on this issue. The DPF blocking is a symptom of an upstream fault, it’s not the actual fault.

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