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Battery light coming on intermittently

Harry Hedgehog

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I own a 2010 Verso petrol 1.6 manual.

The last few days the Battery light has been coming on intermittently whilst driving. It comes on when the engine is idling in traffic the when I accelerate the light goes off.

June 2018 New alternator fitter

November 2020 New Battery

When left over night the Battery reads 12.58V. When I start the car it reads 14.2V, after a few minutes it drop to 13.1V. I have tried it on the drive turning on A/C headlights etc and the battery light stays off.

Is this the alternator failing again? 3 weeks ago the water pump was replaced by a garage. Could this have caused a problem with the alternator?

What should I check to identify the problem?



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