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2003 Toyota Alphard Blank Key Part Number

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Hi Fellow Toyota Owners,

We recently bought a 2003 Toyota Alphard which was originally imported from Japan. It has a cool feature, wheelchair electric loading and unloading, that's why we bought it. Unfortunately, it only came with 1 key with a built-in remote. We checked with a Toyota Dealership, and was told the blank key needs to be ordered from Japan, which is very costly. I wonder whether anyone here knows the specific part number of the blank key and I can just order from a Toyota Online Shop. Duplication and programming will have to be done by a local Toyota Dealership.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and help!


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automotive locksmith.?....Surely you just need another key cut and a transponder chip fitted..?.that will get you into the car manually and past the immobiliser to start it ..the "remote" part isn't so neccessary is it.?

In the UK that would usually cost about £60-80.

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RUToyota, Yes. priority is the right part number of the blank key with the transponder (open the locks and engine ON). Remote feature is secondary. I was looking at Toyota Online shop and there are multiple part numbers of blank key and I'm sure one of it is intended for Alphard units to communicate with its particular system. I checked in the US, a blank key range from $15 to $30. Ones with a transmitter costs $150 to $180.

I wonder if any of the members here knows the exact part number of the blank key for Alphards. Thanks!


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Most locksmiths can clone a key (key with a chip in it), any locksmith can cut a standard blank, if you want a fob it needs to be the correct type the usa has different key specs (RF) to Japan and Europe

PM me your Frame number/VIN and I will look it up

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