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2021 Rav4 Cruise control.

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My new rav4 has their new version, I guess. It is not an easy thing to operate.

One problem I have is when towing a trailer, the Cruise will not engage. It states it is on, but when trying to set the desired speed it fails to lock in the speed selected.

Anyone have an idea of why this does not work. After all, when traveling on a Highway and traveling a long distance, I  like to engage the Cruise system to keep me at the desired speed.

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I'm new here myself, but have you tried standard cruise rather than the radar version? I believe its a long press on the on button, and the symbol on the dash is slightly different. 

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According to the manual you should not use radar or cruise control whilst towing. Can the RAV ‘sense’ when it’s pulling a trailer?




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I’d guess if it’s the official tow bar and electrics, probably yes.  I can see the potential problem if the rear end was heavily loaded the radar might not perform as it could be not correctly aligned with the road. I’d also think that the algorithm that’s used to apply the brakes would not know the weight combination.

In a previous life I worked at the UK company that made the first Q-Band car radars for a German company that made an expensive S class car which was an optional extra that cost more to add to the build than the price of a new small car. 

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