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1NZ- FE engine oil consumption

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just because it has good compression doesnt mean its perfect , you typically have 3 piston rings ...two for compression and one for Oil control 

the Oil control ring could be broken /damaged , and often the piston will have a Oil return hole in the ring groove , were these cleaned before assembly ...im speaking in general as im not an expert on this engine  

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5 hours ago, steveo3002 said:

do you see smoke from the exhaust?  is it wet inside the tailpipe?

smoke comes and goes . does not smoke continuos 

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1 hour ago, steveo3002 said:

id either take it back to the repairer or find a good used engine 

wonder where i can get but would rather buy another engine . any leads 


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Just now, steveo3002 said:

cant help im in england

ok they dont sell them there - can get my brother to ship it for me . is there


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On 6/2/2021 at 5:19 PM, Catlover said:

You can add a recording (video with sound) on here, that way all can hear what’s going on.

Do a video recording with sound and use the Add Files, or Other Media. I have Added Files successively but never used Other Media.

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