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Estate and sunshade bar that has pull-out cover to protect what's in rear


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I have a 2010-11? Toyota Avenses estate. Sorry not sure of the exact date without pulling out the docs. I have just brought it. In the back behind the rear seats it has two removable bars, one for a rear sun shade that protects the rear seat users and another much heavier that has a pull out (towards the back), cover to cover up the contents of the back. This is very heavy and was wondering if it contributes to the cars overall stability. The bars are both removable if the rear seats are flattened forward.

Can I remove the heavy one with the rear contents shade on a permanent basis? I have a fridge freezer, which will fit in the back with out these bars removed but will not fit under the heavy one due to its height. If I remove the bar it will fit lengthways and not fill the rear compartment up to much. Its a duel 12V/240 V fridge/freezer that goes down to -20C


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I think it's up to you. Remember when using it full estate mode, which I do every so often, I have to remove both covers and store them in the footwell behind the front seats. I am sure the cars rigidity has not been compromised or the bar would be permanently fixed!

The one thing I hope you do is store it safely, so that when you sell the car on, you fit it back in for the next owner.  

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I have a funny feeling you will be asking a few more questions. Check my posts or ask away. What spec is your car? Mine is TR manual 1.8 Valvematic, with standard CD/radio with additional Bluetooth/USB adapter for extra multimedia functions, like navigation from the phone. As I mentioned above, check my posts for any queries, but you should be happy with your car.  

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