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Celica 1994 ST202 no spark


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Hi I new to the site and hopefully I can get some help, I have purchased a 1994 ST202 thats been sat for 7 years. I am have trouble getting a spark , I have power going to the center pin of the distributer cap from the coil but thats where it ends? Any help would be greatfully appreciated 

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I have a 1995 ST202 with exactly the same issue, I have replaced the distributor, igniter, coil, etc. so that only leaves a couple of sensors and the ECU.

But I can not find a company anywhere that can check the ECU on the model. So it looks like we are both stuck. 

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Have you gone through the fuses ? Have you checked the power and grounds to the coil and ecu,

A crank, no start could be the immobilizer - have you tried to read the codes from the ecu (it should be obd/early obd2 compliant)

Can you hear the fuel pump prime


Shot gunning parts at the car is not the way to go

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Same problem here, 1994 Celica GT Gen 6.  The original immobiliser was replaced years ago, I've just bypassed that and it's almost certainly not the cause.

The coil was replaced about a year ago, so relatively unlikely to be the problem.  Could be the amplifier (above coil) but seeing 12V on some terminals there.  Anyone here know where the engine position sensor is, that needs checking next.

Anyone have service info on this model?  Seems very hard to find.

Thanks for any help.


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ECU failure is apparently quite common on these cars, due to failure of multiple electrolytic capacitors.  There are various places can rebuild them.

If you see that the engine management light is NOT lit when you put ignition on, then that's a sure sign that the ECU is not running.

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