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DAB Reception Issue

Andrew B.

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Hi all,

I put my Auris Hybrid 1.8 Excel 2016 in for the well known DAB reception problem when it comes to interference, the resulting warbling and cut-outs.

I'm basing my argument on Toyota's very own philosophy and working practice of the five whys.  the basis of Toyota's scientific approach by repeating why five times the nature of the problem as well as its solution becomes clear.

Yes I have a Dashcam that I had no problems with in other cars.  Why should I be the one to accommodate a known problem with windscreen mounted DAB aerial when the same issue in other models led Toyota to providing a fix with inline noise suppression?  This is my prime motivator for my wretched stubbornness!

So I took it in on Monday, got a courtesy car.  Later that day I get a call from them and their engineers used the well used line "it's your dashcam".  I escalated to his colleague and they have been more accommodating.  With enough why's, they may just either fit an inline filter or install an alternative DAB aerial.  Or conversely they might just wipe their hands of it completely.

Tuesday 25th they informed to me that they've got a case open with Toyota UK and that they'll expect a report.

Wednesday 26th, heard nothing.

Today, Thursday 27th, I call and they're awaiting this report and it's estimated they might receive this tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!

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I have a pre facelift 2015 Auris Hybrid Estate and find the DAB always drops out/no Signal. Sometimes for hours. Use it on FM instead. If you put it on DAB and it will say no signal and then press the button to scroll across to the next set of radio stations it will sometimes come back to life on DAB.

Is DAB not very good reception in Staffordshire or an issue with the radio/DAB? No Camera etc, but built in satnav.


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I'm returning the courtesy car today as they received the report from Toyota UK. 

Get to drive my car again YAY!

Findings of the report which I'll go through later...

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The current a dash cam pulls is insignificant most drop to 5v after the power adapter/hardwire kit so there is minimal EMI, aerials use a shielded coax for a reason - the touch 2 has known dab issues what is cured with a firmware update

the only other thing that comes to mind is there is a issue with the aerial base/amplifier circuit with in

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I have DAB in mine. I’m in Nottingham and DAB reception is good throughout the city. When DAB drops out (yes there are plenty of black spots out in the sticks) if I’m listening to a BBC DAB station, I’ve noticed that the same station on FM kicks in automatically and seamlessly. Clever stuff!
(2016 Auris Excel 1.8 hybrid hatchback) 

Now with my last car (Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI Titanium) I had a Sony DAB CD head unit, and when the DAB signal dropped out, all I got was silence, until the DAB signal came back again.

I like what the Auris infotainment unit does. 

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So, I've upgraded my Dashcam experience including hardwiring it.  Used a nice large ferrite filter and a small one near the camera and DAB is working 90% of the time now.


All's well that ends well, even though Toyota DID cheap out with the poor specced windscreen DAB aerial!  

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