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Hello everybody


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Hello everybody,

I have just joint this club with my 2019 1.6 petrol, it feels like dinosaur among all those hybrids :-)

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Welcome to the club, Tomas.  Where are you from?

The name Corolla has been missing in the year for over 12 years, the Auris replaced it. Corolla name came back in 2019 in hybrid form but also 1.2 petrol. The non hybrid 1.2 petrol didn’t last long, not selling too well. So now there are 1.8 and 2.0 hybrid in hatchback (most popular), estate (Touring Sport), and saloon (your sedan I think).

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I am from Czech Republic.
In 2020 when I bought my Corolla you could buy here 1.8 and  2.0 hybrid ( they make the majority of all sales )  but you could also get 1.2  and 1.6 petrol. Since I drive country roads most of the time I bought 1.6 petrol. I would have to drive more then 200k km to "erase" the price difference between petrol and hybrid and it is more then 10 years of driving in my case. My average fuel consumption with this 1.6 petrol  is 5.5L/100km (51,3 MPG) which is very close to hybrid.

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