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Hello again (I think 🤔)


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Well I have finally managed to get around to introducing myself. 

I am sure I joined many years ago when my wife managed to fill her petrol Aygo with diesel and received much welcome help.

Still, here now with a 2.0 GR Corolla HB, that replaced a 1.8 Corolla icon tech, that replaced an Auris, that replaced a Prius, and so the list goes on too many to remember,  Celica x2, MR2, Yaris x2, Prius x2, at least one Aygo plus my daughter and son have both had numerous Toyotas. 

This is the keeper, honest. Until it's due a service and I'm back in the dealer looking at all the shiny new models with more toys, would have liked the panoramic roof but the HUD won. Still next time......


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