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Toyota Celica ST162 / Gen 4 (1986) fitting a new fuel pump and and do I need to drop the fuel tank?

The Outlaw 01

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Any Toyota Celica ST162 / Gen 4 (1986) owners out there for a bit of advice please? Essentially about fitting a new fuel pump and and whether I need to drop the fuel tank?

The story so far. The car decided not to start for the first time in 30yrs of my ownership. After eliminating fuses I lifted up the rear seat base, ascertained power was getting   to the connector before the pump. I then ran power direct to the isolated fuel pump, and... no noise, it was not actuating. So, I thought I'd got lucky as there was a hatch in the floor leading to the tank, but it turned out this was just access for the fuel level sender unit. 

So, do I need to drop the tank to get the pump out to replace it? If so, is it a matter of undoing the two fuel lines, the fuel filler neck, and the connector to the electric pump, then loosening the two metal straps that hold the tank in place, and lowering it? 

Can anyone hazard a guess as to what is the minimum jacking up on the rear I'd get away with to be able to access it all underneath? (Safely chocked of course).  Unfortunately the car is dead in my garage which is down a slope, so I'm loathe to pay for a professional recovery if I can do it in situ.

And has anyone bought a genuine Toyota pump recently and know how much a new pump is? I'm loathe to buy some of the cheap on-line ones that are listed for Celica models, as I've noticed many have the disclaimer in the item specifics 'may have to be modified to fit your car'.

Any advice really appreciated.  Nigel

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