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Toyota buy on line experience South Wales


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purchased a Yaris excel on april 15th via the buy on line portal and designated the dealer in south wales to collect from 

All went well until it came to contact the dealership 

What a mistake,  Dealing with J was a nightmare, Made to feel uncomfortable during the appraisal of my mini. Car was in a1 condition as reflected by the appraisal Email sent to myself to collect on the 29th May, car was not ready despite proof of appointment emails Transaction obstacles by james 1st , did not know how to use the app for evaluation, and needed toyota to request this, despite toyota stating he knew the procedure. 2nd kept us waiting for 20 minutes despite an appointment for the appraisal.

3rd Asked for the part ex price and informed us to reject the deal and go to cardiff

4th car was appraised as A1 but suggested we remove the 3 dog hairs on the passenger seat.

5th Turned up at 11.20 for a 12 noon appointment, walked straight past us , returned at 12 to inform us the vehicle was not ready , not taxed and we now have no idea when it will be ready to collect.

The date was chosen to help Toyota and a holiday curtailed to attend. All monies paid to Toyota but this dealership is a poor reflection of Toyota if this is the way they deal with people. Will be sat outside tuesday 1st waiting to speak to senior manager of dealership.

Update And now after checking on line the vehicle is taxed but dealership refuse to release despite being in possession of the log book and proof of purchase. The dealership has done everything to make the purchase via toyota buy on line as difficult as possible and J had no inclination to facilitate the deal

 Buyer beware

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Already seen this posted on Honest John.

Your contract will be with the retailer, not the manufacturer, and your monies will have been paid to the retailer not the manufacturer.

Toyota Owners Club has no association with Toyota, so if you need to complain about the purchase experience, you need to contact the management of the retailer or Toyota GB.


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Already have , just trying to make everyone aware of the pitfalls of buying on line , for which the dealership are not happy to complete 

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