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Corolla 1.4 2005 VVTI rear caliper bracket to back plate bolt size

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My daughter got herself a little Corolla as titled to learn to drive with. The rear disk protetive backing plates were so rotten the handbreake cable went through it and minced the fittings. I've done a few of these over the years, and have purchased the kit to re-fit the brake shoes, but the bolts used to fit the caliper mounting bracket to the backing plate are so corroded they have rounded off. I tried welding a large nut in each without luck so I'm going to have to drill them out and get new ones.

Its a funny setup, part drum brake for parking and part disk brake for regular braking.

Can anyone tell me what size the bolts are?
All I can find online is bolts for the caliper guide pins, but not for the mount itself.

Thanks in advance,

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Yes , those bolts do seize up easily, managed to get mine off with one of these kits, though doubt they will be of use on yours if welding did not work.


Get the bolts from your local Toyota dealer, about £2 each, its not just the size but their high tensile strength thats important.

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