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Toyota Avensis 1.6 VVT-i 2011 Gearbox/Clutch clicking noise

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Hello guys!
Last week I bought Toyota Avensis 1.6 VVT-i 2011 with 162 000km. I bought it through mutual friends. Actually last owner was a manager of authorized Toyota service in my country and every single problem was solved there. Also he solved some things preventively, but important fact for this problem is that he replaced clutch at 120 000km with gearbox Oil change.

When I did test drive I felt that I'm not changing gears smoothly but I didnt feel any jerking while previous owner was driving so I thought that was my inexperience with electronic gas control which drove me crazy first 2 days.

But... the problem is here. When car is cold gears change smoothly, but when gearbox Oil gets hot I feel some kind of gearbox clereance/backlash (I'm not a native english speaker so I hope you will understand me). When I cruise with constant speed and release a gas pedal it makes click noise and jerks. This also happens when car isn't under the load, so immediately when I press gas pedal it kicks in and jerks again. After a bit longer city drive when I park and make slow manouvers, and when I shift clutch pedal with a gas pedal I also hear click noise when actually power from the engine is transmitted to the gearbox. I've also tried to shift in higher gears slower. I let revs drop all the way down, then perfectly rev match and again click noise is present and it jerks. Also I noticed that sometimes but really rarely when I try to shift into the 1st gear but still moving about 5mph it produces almost like a grinding noise. Some vibrations are being transmitted all the way to the gearbox stick, isnt not the flawless shift, like it has some difficulties to jump into a gear.

All these symptoms indicate something different but last two days I drive with radio turned off, and AC so I can hear any mechanical noise my car produce. When the car is idling in neutral and I'm depressing the clutch pedal on the half way up it produces click noise, but I dont feel vibration of that click in my foot. When the car is turned off gearbox is pretty loud or just I'm not used to this loud gearbox. It makes clunky noise. Also I've tried to shift while car is idling and listen carefully. When fully engaging 2nd, 4th and 6th gear, when the gearbox stick is all the way into the gear something strikes and it produces metal to metal sound. When I'm engaging 1st, 3rd, 5th gear it's much quieter, articulated and damped metal sound. 
I described my problem as best as I could. I hope you will help me. Btw. Engine mount seems to me pretty flawless and click noise with jerks can be sometime avoided if I press clutch pedal partially.

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Guys... Here is the little update. This morning I recorded videos so I hope you will hear how it sounds and how it behaves.


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I am not an expert or mechanic, but I have my clutch replaced 4 years ago on my 2009 1.8 Valvematic (I assume your car is 1.6 Valvematic). Here is my post -  

I paid a garage to do the work, and all the components are as in the photographs. So apart from the job being a bit rushed (gear position sensor not securely connected), the car has been fine ever since. 
I couldn't hear much from your videos, even with headphones on, so you need to record outside the car near the transmission. If you can, you should take the car back to who did the work, so they can try and fix the problem. What is the quality of the parts they used, and did the do the work properly? The trouble is, if the mechanics that did the work are not competent, you are better off finding someone trusted to fix the repair, and get the other garage to pay, but that is not easy. This will involve a strip down, so might be good idea to replace the complete clutch and slave cylinder bearing (concentric slave cylinder bearing). Talking of the slave cylinder bearing, mine was part of the clutch replacement, but some garages might skip that!

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Sounds most likely like a worn clutch or the clutch is not fitted correct in place. I would geuss the dealer did not do a good job to replace thr clutch. They defently did something wrong.

In my country they usaully go out on 500000 km

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Hello guys. Today I visited authorized Toyota mechanic and he told me this... Clicking noise while releasing clutch pedal produces clutch pressure plate. He told me only solution for that problem is to put a new clutch which also can also produce that noise, you never know. He didnt have much time to drive the car but I told him also that car jerks while you press or release the gas pedal. He told me to carefully pay atention when I climb a curb or leaving underground garage, because he want to know is there any drive shaft clereance. Actually, as he says, it can be tightened.

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