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First Post First Problem - Aygo Won't Start


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So we recently bought an 07 Aygo mk1 petrol.  Only had it a few days and it runs well, it started no problem this morning and a few of the things I've done today are:-

  • Replace wing mirror; shouldn't have affected anything
  • Please key fob Battery and case - This is what I'm suspecting!
  • Topped up the oil from min to just below max

The key fob still locks and unlocks the doors on the buttons but I cant get the car to start, it just turns over but wont fire.


I've checked the Battery and that is good, 12.4v 10.5 when turning over, I then tried jumping it just for an extra kick just in case.

I did some digging on the internet and thought I may have lost the programming of the key so did the open close door key programming and the key works but still nothing for starting.

When I turn the ignition on I don't hear the fuel pump priming which I expect I should, can't remember if I did before


I only have one key so cant check another.  Has anyone got any ideas what to try next?

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Unlikely to have lost key programming, much more likely that the Immobiliser chip has dropped out of the key, there are two circuits 1, the remote transmitter which you have replaced the Battery on 2, the Transponder this is a small black chip wedged into the key case, if this is missing now the car will crank but never fire see video HERE scroll to 2minutes 17 seconds and the chip can be seen above the gents RH thumb

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Argh!  That will be exactly it.  I saw this and assumed it was something damaged off the old case so have a feeling I may have chucked it in the recycling which has now gone!

What are my options if Ive lost it?  Going to have a hunt in the dark now to see if I can find it

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Panic over!!! It was still in the old key, the bit I threw was what I thought it was, the old round bit of the fob button that had come out.  Car starts perfect now!

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