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I contacted a Toyota dealership and took my car there twice. They said it was a characteristic of the model, so basically i should expect to hear wind noise 
I then filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau athttps://www.bbb.org/us/tx/plano/profile/auto-manufacturers/toyota-motor-north-america-inc-0875-90537346
(File Complaint button). I got a case manager assigned, and when speaking to him, i mentioned that i read forum reviews like yours, and they told me they dont pay attention to those as everybody can have their own opinion. Really?? We pay over 34K and that's the response? I told the case manager i refused to believe that the millions of RAV4's sold all had the same wind noise that i have, but there was no compromise. They have the parts to fix it, it is just not in their interest from what i observed.
BBB complaints are these for a while, and Toyota Corporate usually replies in writing.
I would recommend everyone with wind noise problems to file a complaint just like what i did.

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1 hour ago, rav4-user said:

I then filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

Split from 9 year old topic.

Toyota Owners Club is UK based and the majority of members are in the UK - a US based complaints bureau is only relevant to a very small percentage of our membership.

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Noise of any kind is so subjective and must to an extent be a function of individuals audio hearing profile and sensitivity.  I’ve often found that once I’ve tuned into a particular sound my brain speaks it out and the more I try to ignore it the worse it appears.  The mind worm lives just like a tune that sometimes hangs around in ones head all day.

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A complaint 9 years ago would likely be a very different model…

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