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2010 Avensis dash cluster problem .


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Hi , sorry for first post requiring help . 

My car is giving me some problems and hoping someone can help me as I am stumped . 

my car is an Avensis 2.0 Diesel which I’ve owned for 7 years of carefree driving until a couple of weeks ago .

I was driving on the motorway when all of a sudden all of my warning lights started showing on the cluster , power steering went heavy and vsc light , oil maintenance required started showing . My Rev counter and Speedo needles started to dance & I lost all values from the cluster except fuel level .

I parked up immediately and checked all fluids , car was fine other than heavy steering and I drove the 50 miles home . The car still drives fine apart from the cluster and the heavy steering . 

what I’ve had done so far to no avail

Changed battery 

changed alternator twice as thought first one was faulty ( reconditioned ) .

Changed ABS pump from a scrappy as the diagnostic machine(s) couldn’t read the ecu     .

Am truly stumped , I don’t want to replace the car as I’ve grown fond of the old girl which has never caused me any problem previously. 

someone help me please . 

regards John . 

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Has the ABS come back ? Does the alternator show its charging 13.8 -14.4 with the engine running

i would suspect you have blown a link or 2 in the Fusible link module in the main fuse box under the bonnet


You may be able to pop the top clear cover off and see if anything has blown, ideally you need to check the part number on the side of the module as there are a few variations

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Thanks for reply . 

when the problem first occurred the Battery light would come on and disappear when I pressed the accelerator, Battery seemed fine with no loss of current . 
 The mechanic thought it could be alternator and fitted a recon unit , The lights came on again so replaced the alternator with another recon unit and Yep still same problem . 

Checked the fuses but will have a look at the fuse you mention . 

I’m thinking maybe the abs pump I got fitted could’ve been the wrong one , the serial number on the pump 582 L9 matches the pump I purchased as do the XV lettering but the number i need to go by is the 4540 on the metal . I’ll check the things mentioned and see how it goes . 


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Quick update . We followed a Toyota Corolla tutorial on YouTube using the wire method on the obd port to reset the ecu and so far all warning lights have gone out on the cluster and Rev counter and speedo power steering are back . Been couple days so Hoping this has resolved the problem . 

thanks for your replies flash . 

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