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Prius 2016 - best mobile phone holder

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Hello - I own a 2016 Prius Excel and since the free Sat Nav updates ceased, the Sat nav has become less and less useful.  I don't want to pay the exorbitant update fee for a system that was never as good as Google or Apple Maps so have decided to rely on Google Maps.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a suitable iPhone holder - I would prefer not to stick the phone to the windscreen and those that fit to the air vents seem very unstable.

I would really appreciate some advice from those who drive the same car and use a phone holder on which they consider the best.



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What version of iPhone is it? I would suggest Brodit https://www.brodit.co.uk

They are not the cheapest but, in my view, they are far and away the best for fit and security of support.

Here is an example of one fitted into my new Yaris. I actually spent some time customising the USB C plug entry point on mine using a short custom cable but you'll find quite a few options for your Prius on their site (depending on your iPhone model of course). It is normal to buy in two pieces as you select the mounting clip and the holder separately but they will be shipped together normally.


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Hi, you can try Kenu Air frame, high quality phone holders, I been using them since early 2013 on various Toyota models including Prius 2010-2015 with success. Regards 


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For another option which I used on my last car, also a Gen 4 2016 Prius Excel, see here:

The beanbag is great in that's it's grippy base is not sticky, so doesn't leave a mark on the dash, yet it has never moved at all even under very heavy braking or avoiding manoeuvring (not that I use either very often!).

Although I used the beanbag for my TomTom (and still do on my RAV4) the beanbag has a smooth platform to which you can stick any suction mount you like, including for a phone.  In the case of my TomTom (which has brilliant traffic data, BTW) it sits nicely between the top of the steering wheel and the bottom of the HUD.

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Another vote for the Brodit mounts.  I purchased the LTE version Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 to replace the Prius' Sat Nav.  The tablet also doubles up as my media player and phone and connects happily to my Echo Auto.  The only thing I can't figure out is how to get the reversing camera onto it.20210607_152721.thumb.jpg.7ea1bd1a0e2127a80a58e156f1d1244f.jpg


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For some reason I can't upload this photo, but see the link. I have used this for years, has a sticky base but doesn't leave a mark on the dash. In this position the phone does not obscure any of the windows, it is in line with the windscreen pillar. It's easy to run a lead from the power socket by tucking and hiding it behind the centre console/dash. A tenner on Amazon. It holds nice and firmly, no wobble even on poorly paved surfaces. I like to take it off, give the gel pad a rinse to refresh it and reattach it once a year or so.


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