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Can't turn key in the ignition.


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I have a 2005 Avensis T25. 2.0 liter petrol engine, automatic transmission. 

After the missus and I had packed the car and was about to start this years vacation, the car failed on me. I tried to turn the key in the ignition but it only turned a couple of millimeters, as if it was hindered by electronics. It didnt feel like "mechanical resistance" in the sense that the key didnt go in properly or likewise. It was a complete stop after said millimeters. The car was in Park. At first I thought it was the steering lock, but that wasnt the case as it wasnt engaged. After turning the wheel 30-40 centimeters to the left and right a couple of times the steering wheel lock engaged but I still wasnt able to turn the key after moving the steering wheel after it was locked (as you always are able to do in normal circumstances). I disconnected the Battery for approx. 30 secs in a hail Mary attempt to "reset" the electronics... It didnt work off course. After trying about 40-50 times I suddenly was able to turn the key as usual. So I drove off and turned the car off to check if it was a one time occurrance. Sadly, the excact same thing happened. And after the key finally turned the second time I did the same hoping it was a two time occurrance lol. It wasnt, so I parked the car and we had to take the missus' car to vacation. 

Btw, I tried with both keys, same result. Theres no resistance in the barrell when the key is entered.

Has anyone here had a similar experience? Any ideas?

Ignition switch? 

All responses are dearly appreciated! 

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Do the brake lights work ? press the shift lock button in (by the gear stick) and put it in N and see if the key turns if not - hold the shift lock  down and shift the gear stick back and forth a few times

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