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Selling parts on this forum section


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Hi Folks,

Just wondered if I’m allowed to offer something second hand for sale on here ? I did try a search but I’m either using the wrong terms or I’m missing something.

I basically have a working multimedia unit removed from my recent Rav4 purchase and wondered if I could advertise it on here ?



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Yes, I went through the forum rules but couldn’t find anything ? There’s a section on advertising but nothing about private sales ??

I’m sure someone will be along soon and let me know 🙂

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Yes we do have a For Sale section - https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/23-for-sale/

Some straightforward rules - 

A summary of the rules

  • Only private sales from members selling used parts (parts from their garage)
  • New parts can also be sold but must not sell more than one (unless a set) So for example if you have a set of new Wiper Blades for sale that do not fit your car then you can sell them here. If you have bought a consignment of cheap car horns from China in the hope to sell them here will not be allowed and will be removed. (this would be classed as commercial)
  • Cars can be added for sale until we release a new version of the classifieds in the future.
  • No Commercial Sales in this section. Traders contact steve@toyotaownersclub.com
  • The part must be fully described properly along with a photo if possible.
  • Buyers will buy at their own risk. The club takes no responsability in the transaction. We suggest paying via PayPal for your own protection.
  • Sellers sell at their own risk. Precautions should taken by the seller to ensure that you get your payment via a proper payment gateway and that you are posting your items to a genuine buyer. Postage precautions should also be considered.
  • The buy and sell section of the club is merely a platform for members to trade on and therefore the club and it's club staff will not be responsible for any wrong product description information posted or fraudulent sellers and buyers and that by trading on the club you do so entirely at your own risk.
  • Abuse of the buyers and sellers section will result in access to this section being revoked. We hope you appreciate that this relaxtion of the rules is not abused and ruined for the enjoyment of everyone else.
  • When you item is sold please mark the Item sold in your post.
  • We also appreciate that members can look after each other, so if you suspect something dodgy going on that you will advise a fellow member.

We would also need sellers to provide indicative prices rather than just ask for offers, as this makes it clear to interested members what likely costs are.

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