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Pioneer AVIC-F910BT multimedia unit for sale


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As above this is the Pioneer multimedia unit that came with the 2009 Rav4 I bought about a month ago. As far as can tell everything works on it. The reason I took it out is twofold, firstly the Satnav unit is way too complicated for me as I rarely need one these days and if I do I have a small simple Garmin unit that does all I need, also I wanted a DAB radio ( which I had in my old Rav ).

This unit has satnav ( obviously ), CD player, AM/FM radio, it has connections for a rear view camera and steering wheel controls and also has a cabled USB socket which will take a thumb drive with music on. It has a front SD card slot for updates to the system, and an auxiliary socket for video/audio. It’s also touchscreen

When I got the car I downloaded and printed out the 170 page A4 user manual which will come with it. I’ve also updated the phone software and it connected faultlessly to my iPhone 8s ( I believe the software also updated the android side as well ) 

As I couldn’t get to the GPS module in the Rav ( it was buried high up in the dash ) I bought a new one for it 🙂
It also has the microphone which came with my new Sony unit that has had the jack plug changed to a 2.5mm one for the pioneer unit 
It comes with all the leads that we’re with it in the car, most of them are labelled, the ones that aren’t go to the main plugs.

The manufacturing date is 2009

The things it doesn’t come with :
Double din fixing cage - ( this unit fitted into the existing brackets that were part of the Rav ) - these along with the thin fascia surround trim are available on the bay for about £20

Also, on the same site there is a chap selling up to date UK/European maps for this unit on SD card for about £20 or cheaper if you download the file to your own card.

If you need any other info I’ll try and answer it !

I’ve no idea what this is worth so I’ll say £85 posted ( bank transfer preferred )

Thanks for looking 








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2 hours ago, flash22 said:

TBH eBay it, a quick look shows £80-120 is the going rate

Yes I think you’re probably right. I’ll give it a go on there. 😉

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On 7/6/2021 at 7:16 PM, Mr.Fixit-Norm said:

Anyone interested in this for £50 posted ?  

I’ll take it if it’s still available?

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