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Non-existent Service Plan?

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Hi, I received an  email from Toyota back in January (2021) that contained a link to one of their web pages reminding me that a service was due in February.

That took me to a page that showed me my vehicle details including registration number, reminder date for the vehicles first MOT and also it showed a pre-paid Service Plan active until Aug 2022.

I had the service done last week but when i went to collect the car, I was told that there was no record of any Service Plan for it. I luckily had printed a screenshot of the page at the time which I presented to the assistant. After several minutes of behind the glass discussion, the assistant came out and insisted that the email had been sent in error by "Marketing" and that there indeed was no active plan. They also claimed that there had been other customers similarly contacted.

Has anyone else come across this from their main Toyota Dealer? Thanks in advance.


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A logical question ….. had you actually set up and paid for the service plan as outlined in the email to you??????

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17 hours ago, FROSTYBALLS said:

Was the original e-mail from Toyota or from your dealer? Would it have been a reminder set up on My Toyota? 

Hi, The mail was from the local main dealer - it doesn't show on My Toyota.

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@Catlover I bought it last August slightly after it's second birthday - so not new. However, I assumed that the previous owner must have paid for a 4 year service plan as the mail content clearly shows active until 23 August2022. It contains my name, reg number and as mentioned a reminder for it's first MOT at the end of next month. Contains the Dealer's name and phone number too. I know I can't do much about it now in view of their insistence on an admin error, but was just wondering if others have been similarly affected. It's probably too involved to be able to claim mis-representation!!

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Wonder if the previous owner had a pre-paid service plan and details hadn't been properly deleted from the Service Department's records. This sounds more likely than a mistake by Marketing.

The previous owner may have had a refund on their service plan, or had the balance transferred to a new vehicle.

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