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Touch 2 go USB issues

Old chippy

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Hi knowledgeable people, 

I have an issue with my Touch 2 go multimedia system. I have purchase the maps upgrade and downloaded to a USB memory stick as advised on the web site. My issue is that when I plug in to the USB socket nothing happens. I have checked the conectivity under media and the USB icon is greyed out. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Insert the USB stick, then start the car it should then ingest the update - The usb stick should be formatted in FAT32 with nothing else on it, if its a new drive format it before use

Note. The stick must be formatted on a Windows PC (there are known issues with the way Apple's FAT32 formatting is implemented)

I take it the USB port works ?

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Like flash22 said, USB stick must be formatted FAT32 and do I remember right that Toyota's headunits support only 16-32gb sticks?

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32gb work but 16gb or lower is ideal for updates, with Audio on a stick any more than 16gb can take a bit to index as the touch2 hasn't got the processing power/ram


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