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2003 Yaris Front Struct Shock Replace.. need help, I am stuck!


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Need help! from you experts, please 😀

I am not a mechanic, but do try hard, so please don't laugh at my handy work!! 

I have removed the old shock unit and put the new one in place. The hub\disc won't rotate back to 90 degree's (it sits at a camber) so I can't re attach to the shock with the 2 bolts, I can just about line up the bottom mounting hole... please see picture (I have put a chisel in the bottom mount hole to keep in place as a temporary measure). It is as if the drive shaft is resisting me efforts to pivot back into position?

It looked so easy in the you tube video 😢 Any suggestion would be much appreciated.


Thanks, Stuart


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Is it a used shock, is it off the same car with the same engine, you need to rotate the disc and push as the cv may have slid out of its socket at the gearbox end


ps. you will be needing disc's and pads asap

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The shock is used... it's exactly the same, I compared side by side. The CV sliding out the gearbox makes sense! I will check that out... thanks for the tip!

PS.. The disc and pads are next on the list


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Flash 22.... Thank you so much!!!

I rotated the disc and pushed... and "clunk", loads more play now 😃 I should be able to finish the job off now!

Thanks for the quick response!




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