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2011 Rav4 Rattle noise in neutral


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Hi There, First time posting here. Looking to see if others have expirienced an issue Im having. I recently purchased a 38k one owner 2011 Rav4 from a dealers. Ive noticed a rattle when in neutral between tickover and 2000rpm. This disappears if you press the clutch. It also rattles when driving if your in a high gear / low rev situation ( sounds simmilar to pinking) The dealer has fitted a new clutch, release bearing, and dual mass flywheel under warranty. The car is still making the noise (at least at tickover I haven't driven it since) They still have it and are investigating. Im curious as to what this could be. I didn't expect such a low mileage toyota to give trouble. My last mk2 vvti was bomp proof.

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I had this problem on my 03, thought it was flywheel but turned out to be bearing in gearbox, got a m8 to service box and renew oil, now rattle is gone 

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