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Satnav update 2018 Yaris


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Had my 2018 Hybrid for a couple of months now and a couple of days ago I needed to go to Lymington Hospital. The system found it in the POI but I noticed the actual location looked wrong. (I've been there before in previous cars, so know roughly where it is, but it's a circuitous route there, hence needing nav.) So I used Google to get a postcode for it and entered that which got us to the right place OK.

The hospital is quite new, so I did some digging later expecting to find it moved a few years ago and the car's nav has never been updated since new. But it turns out that the location given in the POI was abandoned in 2007 (yes, 2007, not 2017) and is now a not very new housing estate.

So the obvious first question is "How do I get the nave updated?"

The second is "Have they updated the POIs?"

(If anyone wants to check this POI on their system the old site was on Alexandra Road - the 'new' one is at the end of Wellworthy Road on a commercial estate a mile or two NE. Google satellite view clearly shows the new place and the housing estate at the old.)

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buy yourself a TomTom or Garmin sat nav for around £150 and you get free updates.  
Better still, use a free sat nav on a smartphone, Waze is very good, it’s updated for free and you can get traffic updates whilst on a journey. You can get a smart phone holder, slot in air vents or free standing off eBay for £5-£10 pound.
Toyota seem to do free updates for first 3 years, you may still be within 3 years, but are notorious for not being bang up to date even when updated and cost a lot of money to update.

I got the free updates till the car was over the free limit. Still use occasionally but in a few weeks time we travelling 200 miles on holiday and it’s Waze on the smart phone for me, so quick and easy to use as well.

For your trip to the hospital, I would have used its post code. Poi I usually only use for finding car parks.

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Agree on Waze, Google Maps, TomTom (it’s down to about £12.99/yr now) all being better than anything Toyota have ever offered.

I updated the T2G from 2014v1 maps to 2020 v1, it’s a lot better, but the purpose of spending £30 wasn’t to upgrade the maps, but the base software. It’s still pretty clunky and the apps are a joke, but it at least deals better with phones now. The maps are still pretty out of date and the T2G was pretty basic when it was new, let alone 7 years later.

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Avalon, £30 to upgrade a Toyota map - wow!  I did not update the map on my Gen3 Prius (which had a hard drive) because dealer told me it was around £200. I might look daft but I not - honest. 😁

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6 hours ago, Catlover said:

Buy yourself a TomTom or Garmin sat nav for around £150 and you get free updates.  
Better still, use a free sat nav on a smartphone

Been there in the past and they are a PITA for us, which is why I specifically bought a car with built in nav.

It's not a great nav implementation, but it gets you there. So I just want to make sure it's as up to date as possible (subject to the cost/benefit of that).

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