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T Sport inner cills.

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First of all I apologise for not contributing to the forum as much as I would like to.

But I have very little specific knowledge to offer , only general experience of running cars .

The T Sport recently went for MOT and thankfully passed with no problems apart from an advisory on "both rear inner sills are slightly corroded"

The tester said this was minor surface rust only, and advised to wire brush and waxoyl before winter.

Even though I cannot get under  the car (or back up again) to do this myself , I thought if I can find out from anyone who has already done this whether the plastic sill covers (factory bodykit) need removing and how easy if so.

Then I would know whether to get a friend of mine to do it or professional body shop.

Even though the car would probably last as is for as long as I can drive ,it would be a shame to let such a good low mileage Yaris deteriorate any further.


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Thank you flash , that is very helpful 😀

I am so decrepit now that I cannot even get down to have a look ,so will ask my pal to do it then sounds easy on a ramp or for the young and supple.

As it happens that same pal was here half an hour ago to pull a nail out of the front tyre and repair , found it was only a felt nail and had not pierced the tyre ,so two bits of good luck today.

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