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My T - what mobile network does it use?

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Just found out that Vodafone are turning the sure signal off. We live in a rural area and have very poor mobile signal so use the sure signal to make and receive calls and texts.

But the My T app works when the car is parked on my drive so it must have a signal!

 I've tried several networks with no luck until a friend told me about the sure signal about 3 years ago. Now Vodafone are saying to use wifi calling but my phone doesn't support this.

So does anyone know which network the app uses? 

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The APP uses you phones data, the car uses a SIM* the IMEI comes back as Continental who are known partners with Vodafone the system uses 2 protocols C-2V (C-2VX) and N2V

it does get somewhat complex




ps. what phone do you have

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Thanks Bob. I've had a quick scan of your links and you're not kidding when you say is complex!

Using my mobile data makes sense as some of the time outside my phone does have 1 bar of service.

Phone is a Motorola One.   

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The moto one should support Wi-Fi calling under settings - calls - wifi calling (depends on how its configured from the factory)

If you're on contract, speak to Vodafone - im sure they will do you an upgrade FOC


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