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Door locking on Corolla


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 Can anyone help me please.

I have just changed from a 68 reg Rav4 to a 70 reg Corolla TS.

Lots of things I like since the change, especially the digital speedo.

One thing I miss is the fact that when I started to drive away in the Rav4, within a few yards all the doors locked.

I have been unable to find this on the Corolla, does this function exist.

Thank you for any help offered.



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Speak to a main dealer, as this should be a setting that can only asscessed by them along other options as auto opening/ closing oh windows via key fob. 

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Setting are in the manual p620 onwards, most of the locking option are set by the dealer as per the manual



A - User customized via the radio

B - User customized via the dash and steering wheel controls

C - Set by the dealer or workshop - i'm unsure if the likes of carista can set these function

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