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Alarm Issues


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I have a an Auris Hybrid est on a 66 plate.

to nights ago the alarm went off. on checking nothing seems wrong, after 30 minutes it went off again.

I moved the car to different place.

I checked the car over in the morning, nothing seems wrong. i left the car all day and again at 11.00 the alarm goes off again [ same time as the night before]

i have booked it in to the dealership as it has 2 months left on the warranty, but they cant look till next week

It seems odd to me that both occasions were are the same time 11 pm.

Has anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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I had similar occurrence except mine was usually mid afternoon, early evening, 3 days in a row. I been leaving the hatch up on these hot days and thought a flu or something had got in, but I couldn’t see anything. Then it stopped. After a couple days I went to the car, getting into my seat I felt a cobweb around my head, didn’t see any spider. Alarm not gone off now for a week. So, I assuming it was a spider that started moving at a certain time of day, but perhaps eventually snuffed it in the heat.

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an update same thing happened again, the alarm went off about 10.30. pm [ but any other time of the day]

Is this possibly the 12 v Battery dropping in voltage?

generally are the dealers expensive for things like batteries?

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3 years ago I had to replace the 12v in the Auris hybrid - which is in the boot area and for safety reasons is an AGM Battery and more expensive then a “standard” 12v Battery. Thinking my Toyota dealer would be expensive I did a search of the internet and bought one from Tayna in Abergele, North Wales, good Battery good service from Tayna. Few months afterwards I found out my Toyota dealer did the battery for same price. More recently I replace two front tyres on my Prius, the Toyota dealer put me direct replacements and the quote I had I never even priced checked cause I knew if I got cheaper it would save me a couple quid I if that.          
So Toyota dealers can be very competitive. Just ask them for a quote and then get a price on the same like for like quality basis.

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thanks for the info, i have placed the Battery on charge,[ i found a tester that said it had just 12v] I have it booked in for Monday to be checked over for the alarm & a fuel gauge that seems to have a mind of its own. The car is a couple of months left on the warranty left

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