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2009 Aygo driver's mat retaining pin


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Hi, the retaining pin for the driver's floor mat has pulled out of it's fixture in the carpet.

Question is how do I secure this back to the small carpet hole it came from? This is just the lower portion which needs fixing securely.

Many thanks👍👍


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There's no screw thread on this at all, there appears to be just a hole in the carpet where this base piece has come from, the top portion just pops into this and is currently still in the mat, I just removed this for the photo as it's the bit I need to secure but as it appears to only adhere to the carpet it seems slightly odd as there's no actual fixing point 🥺

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I had the same problem the other day ..button came off with the mat ! With a bit of patients and a couple of screwdrivers I prised the two bits apart . 
            Then I lifted up the carpet…super glued the bit that going  underneath…then press the top part on..again bit of super glue, now like new .

      As you say it’s not a screw thread the top part, the little claws that lock it together need to be teased apart…very fiddly but it can be done 👍🏻👍🏻

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