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Cig Lighter


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I have lost ground continuity with the adapter , no outer ground , although the centre has 12V -  when I use a separate ground for the multimeter.

Is it possible to pull it out from the front,  or is it a more complex operation to get at it.



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Have you check continuity and resistance between the socket and a body ground

No you can not remove it from the front as it's locked in position and the wiring is too short

you may be able to pop off the heater controls/surround with a trim tool and reach the back of the socket

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Thanks for reply Bob

No continuity.

Infinite OHM between Chassis  - to the metal outer of the Cig lighter/power adapter.

 I gave the outlet my best effort to pull it out though , before I saw your message.

& broke off the cover flap , which was on it's way out anyway , being pretty flimsy.

I will have to think of my next move more carefully & see if I can convince the surrounds to be more flexible , as you suggest.


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 Finally got the thing out.  Turns out there is a small component within the socket(which is now open circuit)

The voltage measured on the connector which fits the socket is OK.

Some kind of over-current/over-heat fuse . One end is joined to connector, other presses against body of socket to make connection.




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