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Yaris Verso 1.3 VVTI high idle


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I noticed the wife's 2003 Yaris verso 1.3 VVTI automatic , idles quite high on startup. Goes like 2k for 10 seconds or so then slowly climbs down to 1k... I can hear the engine revving high.

Are these cars meant to behave like that , or its the idle control valve that needs looking at?


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Hello Amazighman , not sure how long you have had the car but if it does this when cold starting only I would guess this to be normal based on my 2003 Yaris Tsport  doing similar.

It being an auto in your case may have a further bearing as torque converter autos idle higher than manuals in my experience.

I am sure others will be along soon who may know other reasons , but without much mechanical knowledge , I can only go on my cars .

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Thanks for thr informations.

I will keep an eye on it this week and report back if i notice the high idle when engine is warm.

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