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Upgraded my indicator bulbs


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Got some new indicator bulbs off CYLED had a load of bulbs off him for other people over the last 2 years and been really impressed with the quality and the service. 

I done the side repeaters and the fronts and I didn’t tell him the right rear ones and I think we was getting our wires crossed 😂. Well happy with the out come tho

A4597150-393D-4014-9C1E-445084A9BFA0.thumb.jpeg.37ebb05a6e2252a1c6e8eae3d63f52c7.jpegbefore B525D21D-EE07-4623-9D6A-23D09B7F9156.thumb.jpeg.5f8861a7be180ab166a0536caa271766.jpegafter5B717C02-5B4E-456C-832B-F5C93BFD9DEE.thumb.jpeg.0ba173e02b3dfe3502973a858cb012ca.jpegbefore 265FB4CC-923F-4FCE-85A3-B4DA11B23F44.thumb.jpeg.60401a8ddd0cfbbbb7dc0dd5327afadd.jpegafter 




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The side repeaters look a marked improvement over the standard bulbs. Where did you buy them from?

Also, as you have changed all indicators to LED, are they fitted with a load resistor or do you get hyper flash from the indicator relay?

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