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Yaris Mk4 Ownership - Initial Thoughts


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Hi Munna
I looked online (mainly YouTube) on how to remove the door panels. 
I did not have to remove the entire panel as my rattles were mainly around the inside handles of the doors and the electric window switches. 
As I mentioned in my earlier post, I cured my rattles and squeaks by replacing two bolts that appeared to be missing in my doors - fixing the plastic panels to the metal framework of the doors. 
That helped. Then I tightened everything up and wedged strips of plastic trim in (the e-bay chrome trim stuff) in into rattle-gaps that proved stubborn.
Finally, any remaining squeaks were cured by running some artists liquid latex masking fluid along squeaky joins.
I agree - the general build-quality of my car - certainly when it comes to interior plastic trim is not as good as my Mk 3 Yaris.
But - my 'adaptations' have proved worthwhile and I continue to drive a much quieter car. 

Hope this helps with your car.

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Dear Chris.

Thanks I'll look on Youtube. The masking fluid might help too.

May eventually decide to let the dealer sort it but may wait for more noises to appear before I do that.

Thanks for the info. I've also checked my 12v charging point and alls well.

Glad you sorted out your rattles and continue to enjoy driving your car.

All the best


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On 12/4/2021 at 5:47 PM, john p williams said:

Munna, can you not take it to your local Toyota Dealer to fix as it is still under the factory warranty ?


That is certainly worth considering especially as its such a new car.


Best wishes


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